Personal Work

Ulrike Rindermann started her artistic career as an actress after attending Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna. During her time on stage, she discovered that she harboured an even bigger love for photography, a medium allowing her to use the camera to communicate between herself and the model but also the viewer.

She started to play with digital and analog photography, spending time to develop her own approach to lighting and image processing in the lab while using her photos as a tool of selfreflection and learning.

Over time she built a portfolio with portraits, fashion and beauty images. Her approach is unique as she never tries to put her subjects in a box. Instead, every person in front of her lens is allowed to become part of the creative process while staying true to themselves, something she does too.

Ulrikes work today mirrors her belief in authenticity as the ultimate form of expression. Her interest in the individual shows in her pictures as does her appreciation for abstract shapes and colours, a joie de vivre, and a lot of smiles. Aloofness is wonderfully absent in her view of the world and her images, true to her motto: "Keep a warm smile in a wild world."

Ulrike is originally from northern Germany and is now based in Berlin and London.



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